Triage by robot

Published May 18, 2020

AI researchers in China say they have developed a algorithm that can determine who is likely to die from Covid-19 … and do it 10 days before they do.

The AI looks at levels of three biomarkers: high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), lactic dehydrogenase, and lymphocytes. “These tools predicted the mortality of individual patients more than ten days in advance of their outcomes with more than 90% accuracy.”

 Beware the body aches

NYU researchers are thinking along the same lines, but they’re using AI to predict who will get the sickest to get them to treatment more quickly. They’ve discovered that…

“…slightly high levels of liver enzymes called ALT, elevated levels of hemoglobin – that is, red blood cells – and body aches were the strongest predictors of oncoming severe COVID-19. In a normal setting, doctors wouldn’t be concerned by slight elevations in ALT and hemoglobin, but it appears these are important signs during a coronavirus infection.

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