The patient won’t see you now

Published May 20, 2020

The headline says it all: “Coronavirus is obliterating outpatient care“. From dentist visits to elective procedures, people have (obviously) stopped getting healthcare unless they really, really need it.

The procedure being held off the most? Knee replacement, with lumbar/thoracic spinal fusion and hip replacements also high on the ‘wait till later’ list.

But there’s more. Patients with existing medical conditions are also skipping medical visits:

Access to clinical care for patients with life-threatening conditions declined significantly including congestive heart failure (-55%), heart attacks (57%) and stroke (-56%). Access by patients for chronic conditions also fell for patients with hypertension (-37%) and diabetes (-67%).

That comes from the detailed report, “National Patient and Procedure Volume Tracker” — a great read if you love lots of charts and data.

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